Timeless Tales


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Title:   Timeless Tales – Heroic Tales – Robin Hood / Gulliver’s Travels

Starring:   Animated


Tally Ho. It’s off to Sherwood Forest with that brave bandit, Robin Hood and his swashbuckling band of Merry Men in this thrill-packed tale set in merry old England.

With good King Richard away at war, the greedy Sheriff has forced the residents of Nottingham to pay all their money to him. But Robin Hood, with the help of his friend Maid Marion, a spy in the Sheriff’s castle, is out to thwart the evil Sheriff and return the King to his rightful throne.

This madcap medieval adventure, filled with daring swordfights and superb storytelling, is a classic tale for kids of all ages.

Gulliver’s Travel:

This is the Max Fleischer animated full-length movie classic that has been loved by generations.

It is now fully restored and better than ever. More people saw this full-length movie during its first theatrical release than any other animated film in history. It was entirely hand painted by over 700 artists throughout an 18 month production period. They used 12 tons of paint and 39,000 pencils to create over 639, 700 celluloids and 115,700 compsite scenes. The storyboards, if placed end to end, would be over 27 miles long.

Now after two years and thousands of hours of painstaking work, we present to you one of the most comprehensive restorations ever.

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