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Title:   Society

Starring:   Akua Yenana, Beth Mazibuko, Inno Phemba, Lois Gumede


A four part SABC Mini Series.

Four friends are unknowingly reunited by the tragic death of a close friend from high school, which sends them on a path of rediscovery and the unearthing of past transgressions as they struggle to reconcile their new selves to each other and become friends again.

During the previous dispensation, black communities would set up informal saving schemes, known as Society’s, to assist each other in burying their loved ones. The name of this series is derived from these schemes but is also a direct reference to the definition of the word society.

A young woman, Dineo, commits suicide and four of her friends (Akua, Lois, Innocentia and Beth) who had drifted apart over the years, are brought together by her death. They find themselves assisting Dineo’s mother to pay for the funeral; forming a makeshift Society.

Akua , a successful stock broker with a penthouse apartment and two cars, considers filling the void in her life with quick fixes such as a toy boy and adopting a baby. The rekindling of their friendship presents an alternative.

Innocentia – a man-eating minor celebrity buying into her own hype, living the ultimate jet set lifestyle, or so she,d like everyone to believe.

Lois – a qualified surgeon, newly married with a baby on the way, yet secretly resentful of her pregnancy, is on a self-destructive path of subconsciously aborting her baby. The girls confront her about this.

Beth – a teacher at a private girl’s school is in a loving relationship and can afford that beautiful house and luxury car. This subscribes to society’s expectation of the economically empowered black woman. The only discrepancy is the fact that she is lesbian.

Had it not been for Dineo seeking them out on the week that she committed suicide and so bringing them together, they would probably never have come to the realisation that they truly need each other as loving friends and companions.

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