Society 2 Part 2


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Title:   Society 2 Part 2

Starring:   Akua Yenana, Beth Mazibuko, Inno Phemba, Lois Gumede


A SABC local drama.

Episode 8. Lois fears that she may have taken her quest for independence and individuality too far. Inno’s exclusive magazine article could jeopardise the trial. Beth gets a settlement offer from her school and Akua’s boss decides to send her to a doctor for an evaluation.

Episode 9. While hosting some ,girl children, at her office, Akua reaches a drastic conclusion. Being away from home begins to take its toll on Lois. Sentencing is heard in Inno’s trial but justice is not served in the way she had envisaged. Beth experiences a lot of pressure back at work.

Episode 10. Lois decides to move back home to the dismay of Dr Bennett. Thuli breaks some bad news to Beth while Inno finds herself reverting to her old tricks. Akua makes another error in judgement.

Episode 11. Inno’s condition gets worse and desperate times call for desperate measures. Beth starts her new life as a single woman. Akua has to deal with the consequences of her ,year of saying yes, and needs to show a little restraint. Lois bids her mother in law good bye and takes charge of her household again.

Episode 12. Beth finds the courage to finally bid her students good bye and to also put herself out as an ,out of the closet, single and ready to mingle,. Inno realises that her loan shark is just that, a shark. Lois has to find a way to wean Dr Bennet off of her while making sure that Mandla does not find out about their secret liaison. Akua makes a purchase that will haunt her for some time.

Episode 13. Beth is woken by the news that Thuli has been hurt. Akua receives an offer that is very hard to refuse while Inno tries to hide at her mother’s house in Soweto. Lois, blissful home life is intruded upon by lies and not only hers.

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