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Title:   Shoreline 2

Starring:   The Final Installment Of Our Shoreline Journey From SABC


The final installment of our Shoreline journey.

Episode 1 Series Overview

The old Shoreline team are back. Before the team starts on a new 3000km journey along our magnificent South African coastline, they delve deeper into the history of our coast, going back in time to look at one of our most iconic natural wonders. They find out where and how modern humans established themselves and migrated all along our coast and of course, they touch on some of the splendour and dynamics that shaped our ever-changing shoreline.

Episode 2 Diamond Coast: Gariep River to Lamberts Bay

The team embark on what is bound to be a brilliant first leg of their journey, from the mouth of the Gariep River, all the way down to Lamberts Bay. Eleanor sheds some light on creepy crawlies; Gavin builds up a sweat trying to copy Namaqua coppersmiths and Nomalanga follows dusty roads and rusted railways to unearth the unique history of this region, while Peter discovers an ingenious way of harvesting water out of thin air. A spectacular new journey awaits, with new secrets to reveal and new treasures to explore.

Episode 3 West Coast: Lamberts Bay to Table Bay

The Shoreline team reach the iconic West Coast, the home of old world charm, whitewashed fishermen’s cottages, kreef and fish-braais. Nomalanga zeroes in on a World War 2 radar station, before remembering a slave uprising that almost succeeded. Eleanor meets two iconic West Coast species, the one delicious, the other, well, disgusting. And Peter goes in search of an ill-fated British warship whose wreck resulted in a wedding, and tests his masonry skills with one of the West Coast’s most iconic building materials.

Episode 4 Cape Town

The team are back and are ready to explore Africa’s shining jewel – Cape Town: The Mother City Archaeologist Gavin explores Cape Town’s secret plumbing system and

looks at the history of the Khoikhoi in the Cape. Nomalanga meets the residents and discovers the history of Cape Town’s oldest township and critiques one of the most influential colonialists in Africa. Eleanor needs rescuing as she takes on survival training with the NSRI while Peter walks one of the worlds shortest mountain passes. The first major city on our route, this is bound to be an action-packed episode. Welcome to Cape Town.

Episode 5  Cape Town to Cape Agulhas

This episode takes us beyond the Mother City and on towards Cape Agulhas as our team of presenters gear up for an all-new adventure along an ever changing coastline. Peter takes a look at the unique flora of the land and learns about a very industrious African-American; Eleanor explores an underwater forest and observes a bird well known along the rocky shoreline; Nomalanga visits a Naval Base and a town started by German Missionaries; and Gavin visits the home of an ancient ancestor. This is a leg that is stuffed full of adventure as we journey on toward Africa’s southernmost point.

Episode 6 Garden Route: Agulhas to Knysna

The name Garden Route conjures up imagery of rolling, green mountains, crystal clear rivers and lakes and pristine forest. This is exactly what one can expect in this episode of Shoreline. Eleanor meets a very clever octopus and wades with Giant Stingrays. Peter visits a very unique community of Rastafarians as well as a massive community of Horseshoe Bats; Gavin visits a site which is home to some very ancient artwork; and Nomalanga learns about one of the most influential and dominating families in Knysna with a new ocean, a new landscape, and many new stories to uncover this will be an adventure not to be missed.

Episode 7 Tsitsikamma: Knysna to PE

The great Tsitsikamma forms part of the Garden Route National Park and is steeped in history of explorers, industrialists and much, much more. In this episode we will be exploring this fascinating area with our usual team of experts Peter will be talking to some modern day woodcutters about their historical culture and will be crossing over into the Eastern Cape. Nomalanga looks back at the Knysna Gold Rush and learns about a historical fort. Eleanor observes the Chokka Fishing industry while Gavin searches for the mysterious Knysna Elephants and recounts a history of cannibalism on our shore. Join us in this episode as we enter our third province of the journey to discover a whole new Shoreline.

Episode 8 Eastern Cape: Port Elizabeth to East London

We have reached our second major city of our journey: Port Elizabeth. The area beyond this has much historical and natural significance for our country’s heritage, and our team of experts are here to lead the way.  Peter takes to the skies at the local Air School and visits the heart of the country’s productive automotive industry. Nomalanga remembers the man responsible for our National Anthem and meets a local cricket legend. Eleanor visits one of South Africa’s largest National Parks and studies the communication systems of its most famous inhabitant. This is an episode with something for everyone as history, industry and ecology all tie together to form the heart of the Eastern Cape.

Episode 9 Wild Coast: East London to Port Edward

It’s time to deviate from the concrete jungle and seek the authentic wilderness: The Wild Coast We’ll be traveling from East London to Port Edward, but they are merely urban bookends. Along the Wild Coast, human footprints are small, and visitors dwarfed by the splendor and isolation of these grand vistas. Eleanor will observe how a community carves their resources from the rocks, and travels one of our country’s greatest assets. Nomalanga will be learning about ancient natural remedies for common ailments and visiting one of the most isolated hospitals in the South Africa’s history. And Peter will be rehashing the beginnings of the centre of tourism in the Wild Coast, and keeping his nose well away from a magical natural spring. The wild coast is one of the most beautiful stretches of shoreline anywhere in the world. And we’re set to explore every inch on this leg of our journey.

Episode 10 East Coast: Port Edward to Durban

We have left the Wild Coast, but this shoreline isn’t exactly tame. Welcome to the jungle coast of Kwazulu-Natal. Stretching ahead of us is an almost unbroken line of gilded sand and lush green vegetation. This Shoreline is a veritable mecca for holiday makers, all the way from Port Edward to the final destination of this leg: Durban. Archaeologist Gavin shows us how some of the earliest visitors to this treacherous coast coped. Historian Nomalanga strikes it rich with a unique local currency and discovers how one unique project is enriching the lives of street children. Marine Biologist Eleanor will be exploring an incredible solution to the garbage dump and Peter will be telling the story of a boat trip that ended in Norway, and started in the Freestate. The water’s warm, the beach is perfect, and a new Shoreline is waiting. Welcome to the south coast of Kwazulu-Natal.

Episode 11 Durban

We’ve reached Durban, the busiest port in South Africa and the jewel of the East Coast.This humid city is bustling with culture and history and we are just scratching the surface. The team are back and ready to roll as we take on our fourth and final major city. Eleanor will be sitting in on some dolphin training and exploring the uShaka Marine World. Nomalanga joins in on the festivities as she turns back to trace the origin of Indian culture in Durban. Gavin will be exploring the history of fishing and trade in the area and rehashing the story of the Ghost Ship of the Wild Coast. Finally, I’ll find out how this Ghost ship leads us to an Avo Tree in Durban and explore the incredible architecture that this city holds. It’s old and neglected; it’s new and gleaming. It’s African, it’s colonial and it’s Indian. Welcome to the faded grandeur, the heat, the mystique and magic of Durban.

Episode 12 Dolphin Coast: Durban to St. Lucia

It’s onward and upward as our journey gets closer and closer to our final destination. We’ve left Durban and we’re off to explore the coastal dune forests and golden beaches of the Dolphin Coast. Known to some as sugar country, and to others as the home base of King Shaka Zulu, it’s time for an all-new Shoreline. Gavin scratches up some ancient bedding and visits the important Ultimatum Tree. Eleanor discovers an incredible habitat on a sandy beach and explores the possibilities of a groundbreaking mussel-project. Nomalanga will be finding out what bananas have to do with the legendary King Shaka as well as learning the history of Land Reclamation in Dukaduka. It’s going to be an adventure full of surprises that one can only find on the North Coast of KZN.

Welcome to the Dolphin Coast.

Episode 13 Elephant Coast: St. Lucia to Kosi Bay

It’s been a long a fascinating journey, which has brought us to the final stretch of South African coast: The Elephant Coast. This incredible area holds so many secrets and stories, all bound in the ever-changing shoreline full of colour and wonder. This final episode of our second season begins where we left off at St. Lucia, stretching to the top of our wonderful coast: Kosi Bay. Our usual team of experts will be guiding us through one last time as we conclude our fantastic journey along the shores of South Africa. Eleanor will be going deep as she explores the reef diving of sodwana, as well as the rock pools on the surface. Gavin will be tapping into the maritime history of the area and tracing the African branch of mans best friend. Nomalanga will discuss the economic and social history of the local peoples and I will be finding out why our seawater is ever so salty. It’s been an unforgettable adventure and we’ll be wrapping it up with a bang.

The final installment of our Shoreline journey.

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