Odds And Evens


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Title:   Odds And Evens

Starring:   Bud Spencer, Terence Hill


Along with “Crime Busters” and “Go For It”, this is one of the “musts” for Bud Spencer and Terence Hill fans.

Because the law has been unable to rid Miami of the gamblers and book-makers infesting the city under the leadership of dodgy Parapolis the Greek. The man in charge, Admiral O’Connor, declares war using Lieutenant Johnny (oh so honest) Firpo (Terence Hill), as his major weapon. Gifted both physically and mentally, Johnny has a half-brother, Charlie (Bud Spencer), formerly a brawny gambler working for Parapolis and now a truck driver. We also meet Hill and Spencer’s “father” and get a hint of how Hill got so conniving. Their papa Mike, a one-time card sharp, had abandoned both boys and their mothers but not before he also taught Charlie the tricks of his trade.

Time and luck run out hilariously whilst our two super-law enforcers put an end to the Mob-run gambling ring in their unusually efficient hit-em up style.

You’ll shed tears of laughter whilst watching great comedy moments featuring tons of funny slapstick set-ups and fights in kookey settings, (including Hill and Spencer fighting each other.), and a drunken Spencer COMPLETELY destroying a bar.

And wait till you see Bud Spencer dressed up as a baby in a “moomoo” – you’ll scream with delight..

A must for all the family….This is one of Spencer and Terence Hill’s best film.

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