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Title:   Champions Of The Wild – Koala Bears / Polar Bears

Starring:   In Association With Discovery Channel


Across the world scientists, activists and biologists dedicate their lives to studying some of the world’s rarest, most endangered species. Through years of close observation these individuals, often working against traditional scientific thought,have come to understand their animals better than anyone.They are the CHAMPIONS OF THE WILD.

Think Australia and you think koalas. They,re cute, they,re the country’s most-loved symbol and if we don,t stop destroying their habitat, they will soon be gone. Deborah Tabart and Steve Phillips of the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) are partners.Tabart, head of the foundation, uses her contacts and savvy to lobby for koala protection. Phillips, a passionate biologists, knows more about koalas than anyone else alive. Together they are helping to map every single koala habitat in Australia, While fighting to protect these highly social creatures. All it will take to save the koalas a little human accommodation and compromise. As Phillips says, ,if we can,t save this animal, then we ain,t going to save nothing,.

Weighing 1,400 pounds, polar bears are the lords of the ice-creatures perfectly adapted to the harshest and most unforgiving climate in the world. Biologist and photographer Dr. Dan Guravich has dedicated himself to capturing this creature’s magnificence on film. The Canadianborn photographer, who makes his home in Mississippi, has made over 50 trips to the Arctic to practice his art. Through his dramatic photos, Guravich has profoundly influenced our understanding of these mysterious animals.

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