Go For It


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Title:   Go For It

Starring:   Bud Spencer, Terence Hill


Every fan of fast-moving action and comedy will welcome the explosive teaming of the popular star team of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer (“Double Trouble”, “Odds And Evens”, “Who Finds A Friend Finds A Treasure”, “Crime Busters”) in their thrilling adventure “Go For It”, a zany and hugely enjoyable espionage caper set in the United States.

The stars are in top form together, starting off with a bang as they wreck a diner, steal a truck and outwit the policemen who try to arrest them. But the fun–and their troubles–really begins, when they are mistaken by the CIA and the villains for ace secret agents and acquire a case containing $1 million. When they finally arrive in Miami, CIA Chief David Huddleston, believing that the duo are the best superspies ever, recruits them for a mission on which danger lurks at every turn.

Hill and Spencer pose as a couple of visiting Texan millionaires and check into the most expensive hotel in Miami–and they are soon pitchforked into a series of exciting assassination attempts, no-hold-barred fights, car chases and assorted mayhem as they set out to save the world from domination by megalomaniac villain K1…

The pace never lets up and director Enzo Barboni expertly combines great action and great gags in a movie that provides great non-stop entertainment from start to finish.

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