Giant Sea Turtles


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Title:   Champions Of The Wild – Giant Sea Turtles / Sea Horses

Starring:   In Association With Discovery Channel


Across the world scientists, activists and biologists dedicate their lives to studying some of the world’s rarest, most endangered species. Through years of close observation these individuals, often working against traditional scientific thought,have come to understand their animals better than anyone.They are the CHAMPIONS OF THE WILD.

GIANT TURTLES For 100 million years, they have cruised the seas, travelling astounding distances every year. Today every single species of sea turtle is either threatened or

endangered. Peter Pritchard saw his first sea turtle in an Irish aquarium, and he immediately fell in love. Over the past 35 years, he has seen every species of turtle in the sea and has travelled the globe to study these intriguing reptiles. When it comes to conservation, Pritchard firmly believes that ,people are always the problem, and people are always the solution., He has worked with Audley James and other members of the indigenous Arawak community in Moruka, Guyana, to ensure that young people grow up to love and respect turtles – and that the days when turtles were slaughtered for meat are gone forever. With breathtaking underwater photography, Giant Sea turtles offers a unique picture of some of the world’s most mysterious creatures.

Seahorses are a genus of fish belonging to the family Syngnathidae, which also includes pipefish and leafy sea dragons. There are over 32 species of seahorse, mainly found in shallow tropical and temperate waters throughout the world. They prefer to live in sheltered areas such as sea grass beds, coral reefs, or mangroves. Hippocampus ingens. Hippocampus erectus are larger seahorses found anywhere from Nova Scotia down to around Uruguay.

Fascinated by the fact that Seahorses is the only animal on earth is which the male becomes pregnant and gives birth, biologist amanda Vincent embarked on a long-term study of this fish species and has since become the worlds leading expert on seahorses.

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