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Title:   Champions Of The Wild – Elephants / Komodo Dragons

Starring:   In Association With Discovery Channel


Across the world scientists, activists and biologists dedicate their lives to studying some of the world’s rarest, most endangered species. Through years of close observation these individuals, often working against traditional scientific thought,have come to understand their animals better than anyone.They are the CHAMPIONS OF THE WILD.

ELEPHANTS They say that elephants never forget. Joyce Poole believes it and, she says, elephants are far more like humans than most of us realize. Poole came to studying elephants and while she was learning more and more about one of the most fascinating animals on earth, poachers were wiping out many thousands of African elephants. So Poole quit Amboseli for a short but wildly successful caree in the Wildlife Service, where she helped draft policies that would fight poachers.

KOMODO DRAGONS are the world’s heaviest living lizards. They can grow to a lenght of over 3 metres and weigh 91 kilograms. They can climb trees and like all lizards they are good swimmers. Their teeth are laterally compressed with serated edges, resembling those of flesh – eating sharks. Thanks to impending ecological and economic threats the Komodo Dragon is one of the many species on the endangered list.

The largest threat is volcanic activity, fire and subsequent loss of its prey base. Habitat alteration, poaching and tourism have most pronounced affect. Commercial trade in specimens or skins is illegal under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

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