Deadly Waters


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Title:   Deadly Waters

Starring:   Warren Christie, Chelan Simmons


Directed by David Lister (Leon Schusters Panic Machinc) and produced by Kirk Shaw (While She Was Out, Battle in Seattle)

It’s a feeding frenzy.

An undersea tremor releases six prehistoricbone-armored sharks from their subterranean prison.Hungry and hunting, the sharks arrive on the surface to wreak havoc on any food their protruding jaws clamp down on.

The peaceful Malibu sea side turns red. Then, adding to the terror of the sharks, a tsunami is spotted fast approaching the California coast. Once the tidal waves hits, no where will be safe from the razor teeth of the deadly sharks.

Trapped by crushing water in their lifeguard station, the lifeguards find themselves up to their necks in sea water and surrounded ten feet of water filled with six blood thirsty sharks – sharks determined to get their prey. As the sharks attack the lifeguard station, the lifeguards find themselves in a life and death struggle pitting the masters of the surface against the apex predator of the depths.

Only one species will live to fight another day.

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