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Title:   Crows

Starring:   Susanna Simon, Jochen Nickle


When Crows are on the rampage they are hungrey for you.

Breathtaking VFX/CGI effects and spectacular animal photography by the special effect producer and animal trainer of the hit documentary movie ,Winged Migration,

A number of crows that have been specially bred for scientific study escape after a traffic accident. Unknown to the surrounding areas, a horror has been unleashed upon them that will soon have millions of people battling for their very lives,

The young vet Alexandra is the only one who recognizes the warning signs, and she alone must try to avert the approaching disaster.

As the birds begin to mount more and more baffling attacks, Alex manages to break through a wall of silence that a certain group of scientists have built, a group that has several reasons for trying to prevent the truth concerning the special crows from being known.

The aggressive birds display an uncanny talent for organization, flocking together to form veritable flying armies. It’s not just individuals that are being attacked ,with an eerie intelligence; the deadly crows are also targeting the population’s food supply.

The authorities decide to deal with the danger by poisoning the birds , which could result in a truly catastrophic scenario.

A breathtaking SFX showdown begins between a couple trying to build a home for themselves and a sky full of enemies who far outnumber them.

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