Crime Busters


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Title:   Crime Busters

Starring:   Bud Spencer, Terence Hill


The heat is on in this fast paced action-comedy.

Wilbur Walsh (Bud Spencer) and Matt Kirby (Terence Hill) are jobless and broke and agreeing that they make a pretty good team, decide to rob a small supermarket. Needless to say they do the minimum of preparation for the caper and when they break in, they find themselves in the local Police Recruiting Office instead.

Unluckily for them that in order to avoid further problems they end up enlisting. Sadly their best efforts to fail the police training course are in vain; the police force is so shorthanded that the reluctant trainees are not allowed to flunk out–even if their attitude toward law enforcement leaves a lot be desired.

Working under Lieutenant McBride (David Huddleston), the two new cops demonstrate how screamingly funny and effective their unconventional methods are. They are both wildly successful, solving all manner of complicated cases with their unusual streetwise approach and slapstick ingenuity. However they have enough of being cops and wriggle out of further work until a bank gets robbed and their expertise is needed yet again…

Bud and Terence carry the mantle of the movie, providing just about all the punchlines, setting the tone for nearly every scene. The filmmakers seem to know that they’ve got a thoroughbred, and they’re going to ride that horse into the winner’s circle.

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