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Title:   Bud Spencer And Terrence Hill Boxset 3

Starring:   Bud Spencer, Terrence Hill



His Big… He’s Bad … He’s Mean…

The renowned Insurance International Co. is like a fortress under siege,stormed on every side by a horde of money hungry fleecers. Assailing the company are swindlers of every size, shape and colour.

Winterbottom calls Big Man at Lloyd’s International headquarters to entrust him a new research. In the last two years,Lloyd’s has been giving premiums for several thousand millions to the families of insured people who have died only a few months after having stipulated their policies.

As Jack Clementi reaches Munich, he meets captain Kraus who gives him more accurate information about the accidents. Jack follows the track of a German builder, Merkl, who is in big financial trouble and on whom there is a warrant for arrest.

Knowing that Merkl is fugitive, Jack follows his steps until he finds out that the man has died under mysterious circumstances.


Lucky Luke is the fastest gun in the west even faster than his own shadow.

He’s also the sheriff of the merry but very unruly frontier settlement, Daisy Town.Together with Jolly Jumper, his trusty and loyal talking horse, they maintain law and order. That is until the Dalton Brothers show up and all heck breaks loose.

When the towns people find themselves surrounded by Indians, the future looks grim. Can Lucky Luke and Jolly Jumper save the day, Or is Daisy Town destined to be another forgotten page in history,

Terence Hill takes on a town full of the bad guys in this no-nonsense action-packed comedy.


The meanest Big Man is back…

Lloyd’s has paid one and a half million pounds to the ,Carco Security, transportation company for the assault

of an armored van full of gold ingots.

Now, after fifteen years, Lloyd’s hopes to get back the loot: putting a detective after Paul Gaudin, one of the authors of the robbery, who will soon be out of prison.

Unfortunately Gaudin kills another prisoner and gets other twenty years on prison. The firm gives Big Man the case, and with the authorities,help, he fakes an arrest and ends up in prison, on Gaudin’s cell.They become such good friends that they escape together and hide in Camargue in the place where the gold bars have been hidden.

While they are trying to get back the gold, Gaudin is told by a friend about Big Man’s real identity.

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