African Wild Lion

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Title:  Be The Creature – Expedition African Wild Lion

Starring:  From National Geographic Channel


What is it like to prowl with a pride of hungry lions, run with a pack of African wild dogs, or go on patrol with a pod of killer whales, Find out as award-winning wildlife filmmakers Chris and Martin Kratt get up close and personal with fascinating animals to show you what it’s like to Be The Creature.

Featuring exciting expeditions of this great hit series from the National Geographic Channel, the Kratts offer an exhilarating, refreshingly unique way to observe and understand animal behavior.Whether you,re living with Alaska Brown bears or getting a manatee’s-eyeview of Florida waterways, each new adventure offers a surprising perspective on some of our planet’s most extraordinary animals.

The Kratt Brothers journey to Botswana to prowl with a pride of Africa’s largest predator – the lion. They know they,re close when they stumble upon the remains of a young elephant being mourned by one of its kind.

This is no ordinary pride. The pride is large, the pride is powerful, and the pride is regularly killing elephants.

How do they do it, How do these lions work together to prey upon the world’s largest land mammal, The brothers stick with the pride, day and night, to find out. After the Kratts spend a few nights witnessing lion breeding behavior, the pride is ready to hunt again. The Kratt Brothers are in the middle of the action when, in a moment of predation rarely captured on film, this unique lion pride shows exactly what it takes to topple an elephant – and what it means to be one of the most powerful predators on the planet.

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