A True Mob Story


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Title:   A True Mob Story

Starring:   Andy Lay, Stephan Shin


Pop singer Andy Lau stars as a low-level mobster who saves the life of a mob boss and becomes a gangster for life. At the same time his wife is killed and he must now raise his young son alone.

The movie film opens spectacularly with Andy Lau watching his wife being killed in front his very eyes while he saves the life of a local crime boss. Five years later he finds himself trapped, The man who killed his wife is out of prison and wants to kill him for plucking out his eye, He has also lost his stature with the boss he saved who now tries to implicate him with false charges.

He is loved by two women, His wife’s best friend Ruby, who has helped him raise his son through all the though years, and Sandy a beautiful attorney he hires to defend him, Sandy’s boyfriend is an anti triad cop who is hell-bent on imprisoning him.

In the tradition of many great crime films Lau must carefully plan his actions pitting all of his enemies against each other in order to survive.

Wong Jing gives this film a highly stylized look, with many great editing techniques employed, It’s a big glossy traditional HK crime melodrama that is a bit hard too find nowadays.

Some of the scenes are simply amazing, pay close attention to the scene where the children are having a birthday party outside the house while the parents are inside the house violently torturing an informant.

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